Reeling Silk - Unwound! with Bill and Allison Helm


Reeling Silk, a foundation exercise in Chen style Taijiquan, follows a road map! Learning how to follow this map will give you tremendous insight into the correct movements of the taiji forms and applications.

Join Bill and Allison on September 22nd for an evening of exploration of the Reeling Silk exercises. We will explain the principles of the changes from yang to yin and back again, the proper place for the weight shifts, and will provide ample hands-on corrections. This is a Don’t Miss Seminar – first in a series of regular seminars at the Taoist Sanctuary designed to take you deeper into the practice of Chen style Taijiquan, Qi Gong, and Taoism.

Tuesday, September 22nd
6pm – 7:30pm
open to and recommended for All Levels!