Taijiquan: an Art for the Lifespan

Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang is with us again after a 4 year hiatus from his US tours. He just celebrated his 70th birthday, and continues to show all of us the realization of the health benefits of Taijiquan. He is amazing, strong and fit, calm and grounded, beautiful and sublime in his movements. His focus on form correction has been and is still on the alignment of the body, of changing from yin to yang and back again at the correct time, and the idea of “just enough”.

I have always found the principles of taiji applicable to the practice of life. How many times do we follow the simple rule of “just enough”? How many times do we recognize when we are at full yang, and it’s time to shift back to yin? Not often enough, in my case. If I can better master this in my taiji practice, then I can better master this in my daily life.

I am so appreciative of the Chen family for their generosity and all they have taught me. We are incredibly lucky to have been given this opportunity to learn this life practice.