Qi Gong – Taoist Meditation

Qi Gong classes at the Taoist Sanctuary encompass several systems including exercises from the Chen style fundamental training exercises, Hua To’s Frolics of the Five Animals, the Tao Tan Pai system, Yi Quan, and Dr. Xie Pei Qi’s Yin Fu Bagua system. Focus is on the principles of Qi Gong, including breathing and posture.

Tuesday evening’s class at 6pm is instruction in Yi Quan Qi Gong. This class is a series of Zhuan Zhang postures that develop “peng” or ward-off energy, a key energetic component of Taijiquan. Postures include standing, walking, and moving. Friday morning’s class at 6: 30am is instruction and practice of the Shen exercises, a set of standing and seated meditation movements and postures. Saturday morning’s class at 8am is energizing and strengthening and most of these exercises are done standing or moving.

Come by anytime to try a free class. Students are accepted throughout the term.

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