Homeward Bound

We fly back to the US tomorrow. We’ve been in Beijing since Wednesday and our group has enjoyed most of the sights and adventures found here. Between us we’ve visited temples, shops, hutongs, and precious historical sights. Some have been great bargainers, others went to the fixed price stores to avoid bargaining. We’ve had tasty food and drink and will spend our last evening on the Wangfujing snack street to sample insects on sticks. Well, some of us will.

I’ll be glad to get home to my comforts and my cat, and the internet! I certainly would have blogged more had I been able to access anything on my computer.

Next up - Kim Ivy and her Embrace the Moon group arrive in Beijing on the 3rd and will head to the village for 10 days training with our teacher GM Chen Xiaoxing. Look for her blog as well and I wish her better internet connections!