The Last Standing

Today is our last day; we leave tomorrow morning for the Longmen Gottos, then an overnight train back to Beijing to be tourists for a few days. The training has been wonderful as always. I don’t know that I learn “more” each time I come, but I do sink deeper into an understanding of the principles of this art. GM CXX is so clear in his instruction and I am reminded of the complexity that is masked in simplicity. 

An Argentine’s shirt said “there are many techniques but there is only one principle”. 

Chen family Head GM Chen Xiaowang said “all of the principles of life are contained in the form”. 

The most important one for me? “Be correct before you begin”, also from GM CXW. 

Wise and valuable lessons. 

We had a visit to the taiji park and museum, did some more shopping, and had dinner with our teachers at a local restaurant. All in all a successful trip and a nice finish. 

We’ve already booked our next trip here. Join us in April 2021! 

Yes, we will always come back :)