The 2016 training year has begun!

2016 has begun with a bang!

We just finished a fantastic workshop with Master Jan Silberstorff, one that challenged our bodies to achieve the best and deepest stances, pushed our limits of our understanding of the big picture, and got us really excited about the upcoming summer trip to China with Jan.

Master Ken Cohen continues to offer wonderful seminars on qigong, taiji and Taoist philosophy. He will be in town through March so don’t miss this opportunity to learn from him.

Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing returns to the Taoist Sanctuary on March 3rd for a round of Chen style seminars. He’ll be teaching push hands, standing/reeling silk, laojia yilu and xinjia yilu. Seminars will be “village style”, with unparalleled access to deep individual corrections from this Chen family patriarch.

Bill and I continue our monthly workshop series with a February focus on Chen style taijiquan. In February we will offer 2 workshops – one on stance and sinking, and one on detailing the first five moves of the Laojia yilu. These workshops are quite the bargain at $15 each.

We are finalizing the details of the 2016 Summer China trip with Master Jan Silberstorff. This trip promises to be even better than the last one, with the addition of a trip to Hua Shan (Yellow Mountain), one of the holiest of the Taoist mountains. The trip will include time in Chenjiagou, Huashan, Lougantai, and Xian, and teaching on Chen style taijiquan and Taoism. Bill and Allison will be coordinating US participants and assisting with travel arrangements from the US.

In the meantime, regular classes continue, so if you are interested, stop in and try a taiji or qi gong class for free! You can start anytime!

Happy New Year!