China Training Coming Up!

It’s almost time for the China trip! Again. This will be the 9th time for me, more for Bill. We have 4 students traveling with us, 2 who have been to China, 1 who has been to the village, and 2 who have not traveled with us before. We’ll be meeting Jan Silberstorff in Zhengzhou and joining his multinational group of Germans, Swiss and Irish (maybe even more). We’ll spend a week in Chen Village training with Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing and attending the International Tournament. Then we’ll go to Hua Shan (Flower Mountain), then on to Louguantai for a week of Taoist studies. We’ll also spend a couple of days in Xi’an on the back end of the trip.

After always saying I’ll never go back, I finally got a 10 year visa. So slap me if I say it again! I’m looking forward to this trip. I am excited about seeing our Chen family and Shifu, training at the source, “taking the waters” in Louguantai, and experiencing the yin and yang of the 2 training sites.

Follow my travelogue here and on the Taoist Sanctuary Facebook page. I’ll blog irregularly as wifi allows. The countdown begins to departure on July 29th!