The Path to the Tao, through Laojia Yilu

Tao Te Ching #38 discusses the progression toward the Tao through the levels of morality, righteousness, love and kindness, and Te . To apply this philosophy to taiji practice is useful, especially when attempting to apply the principles of taiji to daily life.
Beginners need rules to follow. It is not appropriate for a beginner to do as they like in their practice. Rules and structure help with knowing the path, correct placement and posture, and better understanding of why. With rules and structure come the seeds of skill.
Chen Xin said the two hands are like scales. During practice, one should find the balance of the body, equal weight, level hips and shoulders. Correct development through morality will lead naturally to righteousness. The inside feeling will become more comfortable, and it will become clear what to add and what to take away. Compassion, love and kindness will follow from finding balance and equal weight, and finding balance and equal weight comes from following the rules.
The characters of Tao and Te provide a map for this progression and development. Tao describes two eyes watching, being here, watching over there to the destination, and the journey is the Way. Te describes the Way to see straight and clear, directly from the heart. This is an internal journey for the student, and a teacher who can provide instruction in the rules is gold.