Upcoming Seminars

We have some great seminars coming to the Taoist Sanctuary this winter and spring, and one has been extended due to its popularity!

Ken Cohen’s very popular Yi Quan seminar has been extended to include dates of January 20th and 27th. Anyone can attend these classes, even if you didn’t start the seminar at the beginning. Please call us at 619-692-1155 to register for this extension – cost is $60.

Ken will be also offering a seminar on the Tao of Diet on March 24th. This is a change from the original date of March 17th.

Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing will be returning on March 5th to teach 6 days of Chen style taijiquan seminars! Topics will include Laojia yilu and erlu, push hands, and Xinjia yilu. Register here.

It’s going to be a great spring!