Why Taoist Immortals Drink Tea, with Ken Cohen


Why Taoist Immortals Drink Tea, with Ken Cohen


Three Tuesdays, Nov 27, Dec 4, Dec 11

7-8:30 PM, $90 for the course

Pre-registration required

Ken will introduce the basics of Chinese tea and tea appreciation, including the differences between types of tea such as Green and Oolong, how to open the senses to the extraordinary aroma and flavor, the properties of spring water versus well water, how the shape and size of the leaf influences flavor, the influence of terroir (soil and landscape) on tea qi (energy), the medicinal properties of tea, tea as a path to enlightenment, and much more. You will hear entertaining tea stories, some fascinating, some bizarre-- why some teas cost more than $600,000 per pound! Ken will also discuss how to honor guests by creating a beautiful, harmonious tea gathering. Each session includes both demonstration and instruction in the Chinese Art of Tea (Cha Yi): a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony during which you will taste two or three single estate, hand-picked teas. You will feel the qi of tea spread through the palate and the body, awakening every cell. 


Session 1, Nov 27, Intro to Tea Culture and Healing Benefits, Green Tea Tasting

Session 2, Dec 4, Oolong Tea Tasting: The Mind-Transforming Dimensions of Aroma and Taste

Session 3, Dec 11, The World of Puerh Tea, Ancient Forests and Mystical Landscapes

 Ken Cohen (www.kennethcohen.com), former student of Alan Watts and Joseph Campbell, is a world-renowned Taoist scholar and Qigong and Tai Chi Master. He has also followed the Way of Tea for more than 40 years. Ken is the author of The Way of Qigongand more than 200 articles on spirituality and health. 


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